How to affiliate and/or obtain a licence

6Main membership types & fees- updated for season 2016-17


Community Club affiliation: No fee
This level of membership is for club members who only play recreationally  It does not entitle play in organised leagues or tournaments (other than Dragon)


Full Affiliation: £16.00
For all players who play in an organised league in Wales. Note - Where one member of a close family pays the full affiliation fee then subsequent other family members pay ony £8.00 (A close family is mother father & children)


Player’s Licence (Welsh licence): £17.50 If you intend to play in the Team Championships of Wales and tournaments whether in Wales England or other countries you must hold a Wales Player Licence. Please note this is IN ADDITION to paying the full affiliation fee as above - not instead of


How to join & obtain a licence


Note- Our online system is no longer in use and must not be utilised


Affiliation & Licences can be arranged in the following ways;


1.  As previously through your league or club organiser or


2.  By posting a cheque for the fees to The General Manager, High Winds, St Marys Hill, Vale of Glamorgan, CF35 5ED. Please provide full name, address and date of birth. Please also supply an email address for issue of the licence


Registering as a Community Club member will normally be dealt with through your club organiser but you can if you wish simply supply your details direct to us