Table Tennis Wales has achieved level two of NSPCC Standards for Safeguarding children in sport we are working towards achieveing level three by 2019.


Every child and young person in Wales should be able to participate in sport and physical recreation in a safe and enjoyable environment.


Table Tennis Wales (TTW) as the National Governing Body for Table Tennis in Wales acknowledges that it has a duty of care to safeguard and protect the welfare of children participating in the sport and supports this by promoting to all members that safeguarding is everyone's responsibility.


We want all to enjoy our sport in a safe and secure environment and we all have a duty to look out for any abuse and report it.


You can download a copy of our policy and procedures below. This is monitored continuously and we welcome any comments or feedback from adults and young people alike. 


It is our aim to support clubs in ensuring their own policies and procedures are robust and we will liaise with them to provide this support. This is essential not only for the protection of children but also for clubs and club organisers themselves.


Lesley O'Connell TTW National Safeguarding Officer is responsible for the organisations Safeguarding Policy and Procedures and provides the external link to other organisations as well as internal support and advice she can be contact via email at




Be Safeguarding Aware

13th February 2017



TTW have been made aware from a vigilant affiliated club that there is an email being sent to club/league organisers from a gentleman stating he is from Nigeria and offering to attend their club/league for free as part of his holiday plans and coach youngsters at the club/league. Whilst this may be a genuine offer it is very similar to a contact that TTW recevied direct a few years ago and when it was investigated it was not genuine.

Whilst TTW would not want to discourage anybody from playing/coaching table tennis it must advise clubs/leagues of their duty of responsibility to juniors which is that all coaches have a UKCC qualification, a current UK DBS certificate and up to date qualifications in safeguarding and first aid.

If any club/league feels they wish to respond to this gentlemans offer then it is their responsibility to ensure the above are in place or to ensure that he is supervised at all times by a coach who does have all of the above in place.





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Recognising and Responding E-Learning

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